Experts and Network of Opportunity Catalysts

Catalysts >>an event or person that causes great change<<

Each project is handled individually. Our teams, and methods are created according to your needs and requirements. That is why our team of worldwide experts are tailored to be as large or small as suitable for the scope of the project.

Claudia David Chief Catalysts and Coach for Cultural Transformation

Claudia David

Claudia is Founder and Executive Director of Opportunity Catalysts.

She has a 25+ years proven track record of creative business thinking on a local and global level across multiple industries and business sectors, and first-hand leadership experience in multiple markets: USA, New Zealand, Netherlands, Australia, Germany.

Her longstanding management experience in multiple cultures and markets enables her to quickly identify complex situations and develop sustainable solutions together with customers and employees.

David O'Hanlon Business and Change Moderator Cultural Transformation

David O’Hanlon

David, Co-Founder and based in London, is uniquely a Chartered Accountant who has also practised marketing and branding at the highest level. His focus is on understanding clients’ business realities and of changing consumer behaviour to grow sales revenue.

Cindy Scott Business Expert and Cultural Transformation

Cindy Scott

Cindy, based in Los Angeles and holds an M.B.A., has over 25 years of experience in global marketing, strategic planning, brand integration and operations management. She is a strong believer that brand strategies should work in service of driving business today, and demand for the future. She specializes in categories and brands that are at critical inflection points in their lifecycles.

Rakesh Kasturi Innovation Moderator and Cultural Transformation

Rakesh Kasturi

Rakesh, based in Berlin and Bangalore, has more than 10 years of experience in nudging interdisciplinary teams towards meaningful collaboration, innovation, and business success. He believes that creating haptic versions of products or services are more valuable than pure ideas themselves. He has worked with teams across the globe cooking up radical ideas with commercial and social value.

Michael Seven Digital and Design Catalyst Cultural Transformation

Michael Seven

Michael, based in Toronto, is passionate about design and immersive brand experiences. He has developed and lead multimedia campaigns for some of the world’s best brands focusing on digital marketing for more than 20 years. As a creative director, strategist and designer, his pioneering work embraces culture, style, design, media and technology.

Tongtos Mahasuwan Design in Cultural Transformation

Tongtos Mahasuwan

Tongtos is Associate of Opportunity Catalysts and is Brand- and Communication Designer. She brings 15 years+ experience in the areas of brand and corporate design across categories from retail to IT consultancies.

Carmine Gallo Marketing Expert

Carmine Gallo

Carmine is an international Marketing Expert with a long history in the retail industry as well as agency side. His expertise includes marketing strategy, brand management, category management and digital communication (SMA).

Hans-Martin Burr, Meeting productivity in Cultural Transformation

Hans-Martin Burr

Hans is an organizational developer (M.A.) and systemic business coach and team developer. Prior to that, he was Chief-Editor for numerous leading European trade magazines. His last position was Chief-Editor of the Computer-Bild- Group.

Network of Cultural Transformation

Our pool of smart thinkers, advisors, informants, doers and nice people from all kind of backgrounds, countries and disciplines.

Dan Brush, Advisor Tech and Media Cultural Transformation

Dan Brush

Dan is an expert in technology, Fintech, media and communications law and is admitted to practice law in USA and Australia. He is a problem solver who combines his vast experiences in technology, regulatory and corporate to help clients turn change into opportunities.  Dan spent many years in Silicon Valley and was named as one of Australia’s leading intellectual property lawyers. 

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