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Claudia David Chief Catalysts and Coach for Cultural Transformation

Claudia David

Founder and Executive Director of Opportunity Catalysts.

My passion is to find and guide others to find better solutions in ever changing environments. My strength is to quickly grasp complex issues and to collaborate with clients and employees alike to develop effective and lasting results. My style is characterized by providing clarity, new perspectives and inspiring others to do better.

I have a 25+ years proven track record in the development of marketing strategies (B2C and B2B) on a local and global level across multiple industries and business sectors, and first-hand leadership experience in multiple markets: USA, New Zealand, Netherlands, Australia, Germany.

In addition, I am a qualified leadership coach, team developer and workshop moderator using various methodologies to achieve better results.

Tailored Teams

Each project is handled individually. Our teams, and methods are created according to your needs and requirements. That is why our team of worldwide experts are tailored to be as large or small as suitable for the scope of the project.

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