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Change brings new opportunities 

Leadership Coaching

We help professionals to see new perspectives, develop leadership skills, promote collaboration and become more successful in their careers.
Opportunity Catalysts are trained systemic trainers and team developers with many years of practical experience and intra-cultural competence.

Explore new paths without fear and determine change for yourself.
Learn to handle challenges with self-assurance.
Create a flexible and dynamic culture.
Use change as a potential for growth.

Leadership Coaching

Core offer

  Leadership Coaching – Lead, not manage

  Women in Leadership – Strengthen your own self

  Team development and collaboration – Self-responsibility in the team

  Transparency through productive meeting culture – Meeting management

  International Teamwork – Me, you and how do we do that

  Presentation training – Who is listening to me

We offer individual coaching – also virtual – workshops and seminars in EN / DE

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