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We help you turn change into opportunities.

Inspire people. Inspire business.

In a world of constant change, Opportunity Catalysts helps organisations turn change into opportunities. We help you identify new opportunities, realise them, or do both.

Co-creation is central to our approach because that is how we unblock the barriers that prevent people in any organisation faced with change from moving forward. 

As catalysts, we believe any problem can be solved with the right mix of attitude, creativity and exploration.                         

We’ve used that approach many times over the years to help people solve small and big challenges – from social start-ups to global corporations. Around the world.

How we work

Our key methodologies include interdisciplinary workshops, coaching and co-creation to deliver real results in clearly-defined time frames.

In our process we adopt the role of catalysts, who help you to define your solution by providing you with appropriate tools and inputs at the right moments.

We work in a clear and focused way, to develop sustainable solutions for measurable results every time.

Think differently. Act differently.

Our Process

Claudia David

Founder of Opportunity Catalysts.

I have a 25+ years proven track record of creative business thinking on a local and global level across multiple industries and business sectors, and first-hand leadership experience in multiple markets: USA, New Zealand, Netherlands, Australia, Germany.

Furthermore I am a trained leadership coach, team developer and moderator in multiple techniques and methodologies.

I believe in teamwork and that the best work can be achieved through collaboration, co-creation and focused effort.